Moving Tips

Keep moving day from sneaking up on you by being prepared! Here are a few tips and tricks for an organized, easy moving experience.

Before Moving Day

Mark Your Calendar

Make a timeline leading up to moving day for cleaning out, labeling, and organizing your life before you move. Take a little time each week or day to check off the list, one room or closet at a time.

Keep, Give, Trash

A month before you move is a great time to clean house. Plan a trip to your local donation center with old clothes, toys or sporting equipment, garage and lawn gear. If something is broken, expired, or no longer of use, lighten your load and throw away what you won’t be taking with you.

Pack a Bag

A few days before moving day, load a suitcase with everything you will need in the next week. Remember to pack toiletry items, medications, and anything essential for your children or pets. You want to be confident that everything else can be packed and ready to relocate.

Check the Refrigerator

The day before you move, throw out any perishable items that could spoil. If in doubt, check expiration dates and specifications on the packaging. Generally, if a food item has been opened, it will not hold up in a storage box.

Moving Boxes

Use Quality Materials

Use high-quality packing boxes designed especially for the job and seal them completely with packing tape. Packing boxes and supplies can be purchased onsite at the Country Oaks office. Click here for a list of available supplies.

Label Your Boxes

Label your moving boxes with a thick marker and clear handwriting. Include the names of the corresponding room and specific information. Use packing labels and include dates or special instructions (kitchen china, master bedroom, guest linens, etc., This Side Up, Books-Heavy, Chandelier-Fragile, etc.).

Make a List

Create a list of labeled boxes for easy reference. Color coordinating or numbering each box is a great trick to stay organized.

Pack Wisely

Fill containers and moving boxes to capacity, and be mindful of the weight.

  • Partially full or bulging boxes may tip or collapse.
  • Protect your fragile pieces with plenty of bubble wrap or packing paper and place them near the top of your storage space.
  • Pack heavy items in smaller boxes for easier lifting.

Your Storage Space

Don't Rush

Taking time to carefully load your storage space will ensure the best results for your belongings.

Leave Some Room

Leave air space around the perimeter to aid ventilation. Boxes of the same size make for easy stacking.

Clear a Path

Leave a walkway to the rear of your space for convenient access to all items.

Load Strategically

Use all the space available by stacking neatly to the ceiling, with air space on top, and place frequently used items near the door. Avoid leaning items against the side of your unit.

Think Outside The Box

Using plastic storage containers is a great option for accessibility without the hassle of packing tape.

Do you have moving tips that work for you? Submit them to our Contact Us page and we will include them on our website!